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SimpleTime is a basic, simple Attendance system. If this is what you are looking for you are in the right place.


If you are looking for something more powerful and sophisticated click here......

Since the day Sentri Systems, the home of the renowned TurboTime T & A software, came into existence in 1992, we have been asked by numerous clients, on countless occasions "Isn't there a simpler solution?"


Were you one of the people? Because the solution has arrived with our cloud based product called

Simple Time


The system makes use of a TT635 fingerprint reader, so no more "buddy clocking"


The clockings are sent to the cloud.


The two reports can be viewed in the cloud and printed/exported as required.

How Simple is Simple?

1. Log into the cloud with your email address and password (for the particular branch).

2. Add your Cost Centres.

FACTORY works 9 hours a day Mon – THU, but go home early on a FRIDAY!

ADMIN works 8 hours a day?  NOW WHAT?


Each Department within your business can have its own rules.


Or you may have various branches whereby each branch could be a cost centre e.g.


Cape Town


Port Elizabeth


Again each branch can have its own rules.

3. Set up/Add your Lunch Rules e.g.

    30 minutes

    60 minutes

    No Lunch etc.

4. Set up your Working Week e.g.

    Factory 8.5 hours Monday to Thursday and 6 hours on Friday = 40 hours for the week

    Admin 8 hours Monday to Friday = 40 hours for the week


    As can be seen each Cost Centre has different daily hours but the weekly hours work out the same.

5. Add your Employees

    Remember employee numbers must be unique.

    Assign each employee to a working week.

6. Choose your company logo


You are now ready to start using the system.

More Info

More Info

Once you have a few days clockings you can generate your first report.


1. Click Biometric Reader

2. Make your way to clock card report

3. Select your date range.  From Date to Date.

4. Select Employee.   (Tick Box – ALL Employees is coming. It is on the WISH LIST, along with TOTAL HOURS.)


More Info

6. Fix any Exceptions (AWOL, Missing In, Missing Out). Else leave it like it is. NO CLOCK  NO PAY!


You can't get much easier than that.

Because the system uses the employees' fingerprints there CANNOT be any buddy clocking (I clock for you today, you clock for me tomorrow).

All you need to do now is

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Simple Time
Simple Time
Simple Time
Simple Time
Simple Time
Simple Time
Simple Time
Simple Time
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